Custom Clearance

We can provide Custom Clearance service at Chattogram Seaport, Dhaka Airport and ICD, Kamalapur. Every country annually publishes its policy for Foreign Trade, which stipulates the conditions under which goods and services are eligible to be exported or imported. Customs departments implement the provisions of the policy under customs rules, regulations and tariffs. Imports in many countries may be allowed freely, or some categories may be permitted with due licenses. Many items are also published as banned for import and not allowed entry into the country. All of the items imported into the country have to be custom cleared. This applies to the items brought in as personal effects and also imported by trade and business establishments including governmental and defense agencies. Necessary stipulated duties would have to be paid before the goods are released by Customs. Cargo imported into the country from any point of entry is warehoused at Customs bonded area under customs jurisdiction until it is released after clearance.