Air freight

WIL is aimed to be the one amongst of world TOP global freight forwarder and also offers full range of Logistics solution. We use state-of-the-art technology both for the efficient electronic handling of customs clearance and freight documents, and to relieve our customers of their administrative burdens. Following points are ours core Facilities towards our clients. Challenges of Air freight in Bangladesh Major ineptitude in zone of space and capacity gives by Airline. It has been extreme to induce shrewd and realistic air freight within the check et And at the same time stamp et offering rates vacillate to a tall degree in Crest and Incline Season as continuously and stands as a standard situation. Limited numbers of Tankers are accessible in this manner limiting the estimate of the shipments to be moved in a single lot. Shortage of cargo dealing with gear and no stack yard f o r containers. Before cargo handover to the aircrafts cargo is kept beneath sky uncovered to sun and rain. Visible scenario of robbery and others wrongdoing are broadly seen within the open cargo complex. For purport cargo regular scene is delay docs h/o and cargo kept beneath open sky which causes CTN harm and damp in rain. WIL Air freight facilities

  • Airport to Airport
  • Door to Door
  • Sea Air and or Air Sea Transport Solutions.
  • Dangerous Goods Handling.